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(Class A Forex Trading Software)


LMT Forex Formula is a mixture between forex trading system and a forex software.

Dean Saunders, a renowed forex system creator has created this dummy-proof trading process for all levels of traders.

LMT Forex Formula includes his trading indicator and 3 steps trading analysis. The objective is to trade with the trend and only enter the market when the retracement has finished.

Entering on a retracement gives you an edge over other traders as your risk is almost neligent compare to the enormous profits that trend trading brings you.


1. You only need around 15-20 minutes everyday to trade the forex market. Use the indicator provided and follow the 3-steps analysis to determine your options.

2. The trading software can easily earn you hundreds to thousands of pips. Now this is not an exaggeration.

The secret lies in trading with the trend and higher timeframes. It is very normal to see hundreds of pips moving up and down in a daily or 4 hour timeframe.

3. You are protected from big and unreasonable stoploss. The software provides you with a reasonable and accurate stoploss.

It derives your biggest possible loss by calculating the average movement on that particular timeframe. So you will never incur any big losses.

What’s Included

1. Trading Indicator to determine buy/sell signal

2. Trading Indicator to determine stoploss and trend direction

3. A trading strategy to complement the trading indicator for higher winning probability

4. Trading tutorial videos

5. Trading manual

Terimakasih telah membaca GRATIS !! Class A – Forex Trading Software.Dan anda adalah pembaca yang ke 1069 kalinya,semoga bermanfaat!

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