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Are you happy with Metatrader trading platform?

Most of the forex traders are using Metatrader platform to trade. And I am sure you will be using one too.

If you have been trading stocks, you should realize there is a lot of limitations with Metatrader platform compared to common stock trading platform.

There is no OCO orders for straddle or hedge type of trading. You are limited by a standard set of trailing stop values. No alerts for your trades and etc.

New NFA regulations have made forex trading more restricted

With the current set of new NFA regulations, things have gotten worse for the forex traders. The new rules mean you can’t execute the following trade orders:

OCO Orders (For those you that like to straddle the market or use orders to bracket the market)

Stop Loss Orders (To Limit Your Losses or Risk in a given Trade)

Limit Orders (To Exit You Out Of Your Position When Your Target Is Hit)

Terimakasih telah membaca GRATIS FOREX EXECUTOR PRO.Dan anda adalah pembaca yang ke 1349 kalinya,semoga bermanfaat!

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