Active period Pending Order

1. GTC (Good Till Cancelled)
Good Till Cancelled means the pending order will remain active without any time limit, unless the trader did cancel it manually. GTC is the default of Pending Order
2. GTD (Good Till Date)
Good Till Date means the pending order will remain active until the time limit set
3. OCO (Order Cancels Other)
Order Cancels Other means traders orderer two pending orders at once. If one of the pending order is touched, then the other orders will be canceled automatically
Calculating Profit / Loss (Gain / Loss) The smallest price movement is calculated in units of points / pips. The value of each point will vary according to type of currency pairs (pair), the total contract size used.
Contract size is usually specified in units of lots, namely the Standard lot (100,000), Mini lot (10,000), or Micro lot (1000).

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