Is making money on the internet from Business Online Trading Forex (Valas) that includes gambling??

Can ya can not. Gambling / gambling or not is depending on the style of each trader. If you make a trade based on “feeling” or chancy and origin guess. Certainly you are gambling, but if you make a trade based on technical analysis and forex are mature, both Technical Analysis (Technical Analysis) or Fundamental Analysis (Fundamental Analysis) then you are not a gambler but a trader.
Is getting money from the internet via Business Trading Forex (Valas) Online is a high-risk jobs? Usually people who suffered heavy losses in the forex business is a greedy person and want to get rich quickly without taking the risk. Because the real forex is a business opportunity that requires patience, perseverance, expertise in analyzing markets, finding opportunities, and risk management. The more often you practice, the more adept you analyze the market, and I guarantee you will not want to work longer a slave to money, but money will work for you. In forex you can determine how much profit you want to get and how much loss you can bear. So the point is the “actor” in tow. Not the forex is high risk, but what style of trader itself.
Are opportunities making money on the internet via Trading Forex (Valas) was only for the rich, in the sense requires substantial capital? No, because the business opportunity forex trading (Forex) differ Online forex trading (forex) traditional (offline). Online trading service providers (for convenience I will call the broker) usually requires only a relatively small initial deposit (minimum of approximately USD $ 100), or even for free. Try to compare it with traditional forex brokers require a minimum initial deposit of $ 10,000. – Buy Sell & Exchange E-Gold (Egold), Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, and NorthFinance. Digital Currency (E-Currency) Changer Reliable, Competitive Prices, Fast
Is making money on the internet of Trading Forex (Valas) Online is Haram as lend the money? There are many forex brokers who freed overnight interest rate (to stay) so that the Halal for Muslim traders. Usually you simply give away the data that you are a Muslim and will receive interest-free facility.

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