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The story of a courageous sailor
In the days of yore, there was a young sailor named Arthur. Arthur’s day-to-day poor live with her father because her mother was long dead. During this time Arthur is only dependent of fishing at sea. Results of the search for fish just enough for living expenses and if excessive, the rest is very little that he tried his best tube.
Arthur’s father is no longer ill and require medical expenses are not small. This makes Arthur became very sad because they could not help my father, whom she loved it. In desperation, he went to the tavern and tried to forget by drinking to get drunk.
We’re drinking, there is a good friend, Marley, the maker of reliable ship, happened to be passing and was surprised to see Arthur who has never touched liquor was drinking with a sad expression. Marley came to him and asked why Arthur looks sad.
Arthur declared all the problems at hand to his friend. Marley who hear it trying to help him. Marley remember that the Governor in the city recently held a contest that anyone who can take an important letter from the officer located in continental Europe in no more than 6 months will receive a gift of gold coins 3000, the number is more than enough to treat his father Arthur .
Hearing that Arthur was pessimistic because he did not have the experience and expertise to sail far away and not have boats to sail the ocean with big waves. Moreover it is impossible to sail into the European continent within 6 months.
After thinking for a moment, Marley told the secret of her past, that once in his youth, he was the son of the fruit of the famous pirate Blackbeard. He added that the continent can be achieved in less than 6 months as long as it knows the route short and could only be achieved through the skull. Path of the skull is the path through dangerous waters with a lot of sharp rocks, past the shallow waters and big waves. It is said that 95% of ships that pass in the lane was lost because of shipwrecked hit a sharp rock or lost in the waves.
While calm Arthur, Marley said that he could help prepare the ship and guiding it through the skull line to win the contest. With the former vessel owned in the dock and help saving money from Arthur, Marley finally to renovate the ship in order to navigate the waters deep. Two weeks later after everything is ready, they began their expedition with the help of several crew men Marley.
Arthur with a minimal sailing experience, would not want to learn a lot from Marley on how to read the direction of the wind, using binoculars to observe the topography of the islands around it, and read maps that help marine navigation into the European continent. Marley was only able to explain verbally because his eyes were myopic and can not see much clearly.
Sometimes, an inexperienced Arthur belatedly realized that there are sharp corals are facing, so that their ship hit rocks and should be repaired. From these mistakes and over time, Arthur becomes increasingly adept in the world of sailing, although in the early days he was almost desperate because the skull is very difficult path for novice sailors seem. The only thing that triggers when remembered his father’s spirit was sick at home.
Not felt, 3 months have passed and Arthur has become a pretty good sailor who overcome all obstacles on the sea thanks to guidance from Marley. Not much later, after arriving in continental Europe they quickly convey a message from the Governor to the local officials who proved to be a good friend of their governor. And after beramah hearted, they immediately say goodbye to the officers they will be carrying an important letter in question. The officials also gave gifts of gold coins are quite used to buy a new boat after selling their old boats.
With new, faster ships and the knowledge / experience has been valuable, Arthur can return to their city in the Americas in just 2.5 months. And now Arthur became increasingly convinced that he could sail past the point of the skull without the help of Marley again because he had experienced the worst incident before and can finish well. Finally, he also realized why so many sailors who failed the path of the skull. He knew the sailors did not have sufficient knowledge and experience, capitalize daring without calculation, and proper sailing techniques. They are not able to observe and interpret natural signs that soon there will be a storm or any sharp rocks in front.
Governor of the city they are very grateful for the receipt of an important agreement in less than 6 months. And according to his promise he gave a $ 3,000 gold coins. In her gratitude, Arthur gave $ 1,000 gold coins to the Marley and the rest he uses to treat his father’s business capital and as fast expedition.
Gradually increase rapidly Arthur effort because he has truly mastered the skull line and each order is always to be met in a faster time than its competitors.
Arthur now has become one of the richest men in town and live happily with her father. END

What is the meaning of the story? Arthur is to symbolize the beginner trader who tries to find a way to survive when the passing lane of the skull, symbolizing the forex business. Marley is to symbolize a mentor or tutor who gives and teaches you how to trade the good and true in forex to minimize loss. The ship used is symbolic trading systems and tools used to make money on the internet from forex, such as indicators, EA (robot) and so forth. We can always upgrade and develop the trading system as we become more proficient in trading. Ailing father symbolizes the need for the unexpected and require adequate financial capability. Three thousand gold coins symbolizes financial freedom.
In general, trading Forex according to the above analogy is a way to make money and achieve financial freedom in less time than conventional employment. At the time of conventional business can not provide sufficient results, forex trading also can be one way out / alternative to meet the financial needs of the community. Or even a full-time job with flexibility in working time.
In seeking money from forex trading on the internet, of course, we must consider the risk factors. Only with experience, knowledge of market mechanisms, and risk management are adequate, then a trader will be able to achieve success in forex business and limit the risks to a minimum. Without sufficient knowledge and experience, forex skulls would just be a dangerous path full of rocks and sharp.
The general public in passing only know that it is almost impossible to make money in forex business because 95% beginner trader losses in the forex business. Some even branded the forex trading that includes gambling. Why form an opinion like this? This is due to many traders that without enough knowledge to trade blindly and without proper analysis. They trade with based on the feeling, technique analysis inconsequential, and so on. Worse, many fund managers who manage client funds that act like this because they felt that the funds they manage is not its own funds.
The success of making money on the Internet through online forex trading is very helpful with a good mentor and has direct experience in forex trading in real. Without a good mentor, then you should seek your own personal trading system by reading the articles, books forex (foreign publications suggested considering the lack of quality forex books in Indonesia), do the trial / error and did a survey / scientific research based on statistical calculations , mathematics, and human psychology.
Statistical approach is used because it can estimate the tendency of price movements using past data. Is past data can provide the possibility of movement that predictions accurate enough? The answer is yes, as long as there is no fundamental news trading a big impact. At the approach of important news announcement relating to a single currency, there are times when technical analysis is not accurate.
Why? Please note that the forex market players are generally divided into 2 large and retail traders. Trader is a large financial institution, bank, or the big boys who have very large capital (in total hold around 80% of funds from the market). Small retail traders are traders, amounting to a very large but holds only about 20% of funds of funds from the market. Because the price of the currency is influenced by the economic law of demand and supply, the role of large traders are able to move the price when they make large-scale transactions. This is what makes trading fundamentals more accurate as it approached the announcement of economic news, and when the effect of the news began to fade, technical trading takes over.
We as a small trader can gain profit if you follow the trend of this great player. Some traders even have rear lane access information from people in the big traders will now perform a particular transaction. Traders who do not have access to this kind usually use the quick execution trading platform to enter the market shortly after the news was announced. This technique is called “trade the news”. The weakness of this technique is to require information from news sources that can provide information on the results of the news is very FAST, for example a few seconds before the general public receive the same information so that the news traders enter the market before the price movement occurs. Quick news information service of this kind worth hundreds to thousands of dollars per month (Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.). In addition, traders who need fast response and high risk if the market moves against the trader’s position.
Trader retail trading is usually done with the help of technical indicators to use calculations and Mathematical Statistics, even with the support of behavioral psychology. The exact timing of technical trading is when the market tends to calm and there is no important news.
This is quite reasonable because the market is driven by human beings who also have certain behavioral tendencies at a given time. For example the price of pair gbp / usd has reached 2.4000, the price bounced on the line moving average indicator of the annual and current prices are record highs. Many technical traders who take the same reference (based on moving average) saw the same thing and thinking: The price is very high, bouncing and looked hard through the line of the annual MA. Surely the price will soon fall. Many of these retail traders then took up positions Sell. Due to many requests Sell the prices actually go down because they remove the pound sterling and buy usd usd so strong. This means that prices do not move to follow the indicator that the Supreme Court, but fears and emotions of men that move the price.

What does the above story with you?
You work and earn money is like sailing. There are 3 options, use the fast lane, middle lane or slow lane.
Slow lane for example is an employee. The key word is little risk (safe), a small capital / do not need capital, but the result is relatively small compared to their own business or invest. By becoming a proverbial employees are choosing to sail through the slow lane is safe but will never get the prize competition 3000 gold coins (symbolizing financial freedom)

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