Forex Online Trading

Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex) is often also called forex (Foreign Exchange) market. Exchange of foreign currency is the currency trading market. Trafficking involves a country’s currency to be exchanged with another country’s currency. This means that there is a barter transaction by selling the currency owned and then buy the desired currency.
forextrading Forex Online Trading
Because currency values are always changing / fluctuating, then the perpetrators of trading is also called the trader, to achieve the gain or loss depends on price movements.

Forex Online Trading
Until early 1990 han, forex trading can only be followed by institutions and players with large capital. The purpose of forex trading is more for the payment of economic transactions, such as export or import. Some market players are also trying to avoid the fluctuation of currency fluctuations by hedging (hedging).
With the advent of the Internet media, so bring a big change in forex transactions. Speculation Forex Online Trading (FOT) over the Internet is much more practical. Forex player must first deposit money into the broker. In addition, the forex investor can use the software or software that connects to a computer broker, then the transaction can be done through software.
In general, the market is used to bring together two different parties of sellers and buyers. Thus, there are three main parties that participated in the buyer’s market (buyer), seller (seller), and manager of the market (market maker).
Online trading forex trading structure is slightly different from the market in general. If on a centralized market there is only one market maker only, then the online forex trading there are many market makers.
Brokers have a computer that is connected with the market maker. Computer network at this broker will be connected with traders (market makers), to finally get to the interbank market. Forex speculators or traders can use computers and PDAs are connected to the Internet to make buying or selling activity.

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